Before you take Duromine

Have you ever heard of Duromine weight loss pills? No? You should definitely know what it is. Duromine consists of such an active ingredient as Phentermine. If you take Duromine its effect doesn’t decrease during the whole day. If you have ever had problems with obese or excess weight you need to consult your doctor or dietologist who will make a decision regarding your necessity to use Duromine. Duromine is not available without your doctor’s prescription. The use of Duromine won’t have any result if you don’t follow an overall management plan to lose weight including everyday physical load and specially for you chosen diet controlled by your doctor.

Things to know before you decide to start using Duromine

You should refuse to use Duromine if you are allergic to phentermine or any other ingredients that Duromine contains. If any allergic reaction occurs then you may experience such symptoms as itching, swelling of any parts of your body or heavy breathing.

Children under 12 are not allowed to take Duromine as no tests may prove its effectiveness.

If you feel the following health conditions:

  • your blood pressure is high;
  • you have poor blood vessels in your brain;
  • you have serious heart disease;
  • you have any problems regarding valves in the heart;
  • you suffer from depression;
  • you often lose your appetite;
  • give up using Duromine.

The prohibition to take Duromine is extended on those who was addictive to alcohol or drugs in the past and on those who now are treated from depression with the help of any antidepressant drugs.

In case you notice that this medicine has expired its date or the package is somehow damaged ask your pharmacist for refund or disposal.

Your doctor should know if you plan to become pregnant in the near future and want to experience breast feeding.

Before you begin to use Duromine tell your doctor if you have epilepsy, diabetes, heart diseases or high blood pressure.

As some medicine in combination with Duromine may have negative effect inform your doctor of your taking any other drugs beforehand. They can interfere with each other badly so your doctor may prescribe you less amount of this medicine or may ask you to replace it with a more suitable one.

Life changing diet pills

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Duromine vs PhenQ

Mentioned above side effects and restrictions to start taking Duromine and the difficulty of its buying do not give it any benefit in comparison with PhenQ which is available without any prescription. No consultation with your doctor is needed. You even don’t need to go to the pharmacy to buy it. You may order it online once you make your mind to begin using PhenQ.
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