Duromine dosage

Duromine is an appetite suppressant produced in the territory of Australia and New Zealand. In combination with resin, it gives positive changes to calories release, accelerating metabolism. It is prescribed for patients who have weight problems. The main goal of intake is to reduce weight quick and easy without physical exercises and diet plan.

First – medical examination, then – Duromine!

To prescribe Duromine a doctor should examine a patient, become aware of the patient’s age, state the present condition of his/her health and obesity level to exclude the associated health problems in future. Medical examination is the fist and the most important step to prescribe appropriate Duromine dosage due to its possible side effects. If needed, a doctor may adjust the doses during the curing period for obesity.

Duromine for teenagers

People aged 12-17 are prescribed not more than Duromine 30mg, as bigger dose provokes anorexia if the medication is not taken under the doctor’s supervision.

Duromine for adults

For this group of patient Duromine 40mg can be used, however the doctor should increase it from Duromine 30mg. In case of side effects, the dose should be minimal or the intake of Duromine should be refused.

What are cons?

Call you doctor if you are swelling, fainting, difficult breathing, losing your weight rapidly, having pain in your chest and other disturbing symptoms. Side effects of Duromine can be severe! Please, be attentive and do it in due time!

Where to buy Duromine

The medication may be bought in the drug store or online, however, only with the prescription of the doctor, as to buy Duromine without it is illegal and may be punished by law.

Try more favourable!

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