A New iNova Pharmaceuticals Deal and Duromine

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. signed a great agreement with iNova. iNova is a famous private brand, which is known for the distribution of a great variety of otc and prescription preparations in Australia, New Zealand and other countries of the world.

The corporation is on a constant move and always seeks for the maintenance of its markets worldwide. iNova has a very rich portfolio. Its products are known is every corner of the globe and have a very high and solid reputation. They release innovative and dependable preparations that are targeted to treat various health problems. For instance, their products overcome problems with excess weight, disturbed sleep regime and so on.

The private grouping increases its revenue each year due to the high efficacy and dependability of its distributed medical remedies. A new agreement will make total $1.2 billion dollars. It is associated with the preparations that cure of violated sleep and excess weight.

J. Michael Pearson, chairman and chief executive officer of iNova expressed his satisfaction with the new deal. It opens many opportunities for the grouping. It shows a great determination of the brand. Of course, the main targeted markets remain in Australia and New Zealand. Nevertheless, the expansion likewise includes Sought Africa and Southeast Asia. This is a huge step for iNova. Thanks to this agreement, there will be established new relations with other regions, as well as there will be sustained the current partner relations.

The markets of the U.S.A. are likewise in the sphere of brand’s interests. It is worth mentioning that the United States of America has always been attractive for iNova. It distributes a great variety of products to that country. Of course, the most famous amongst them is Duromine. This is the most popular preparation of its kind in the U.S. markets.

Duromine is a powerful appetite curbing drug. Its active substance Phentermine is the main ingredient of many other preparations. The drug is of the high dependability. It shows incredible results for people suffering from obesity. Phentermine accelerates all metabolic processes in the body and provides a fast rate of burning fat stores. People put off weight in record time. The efficacy of the drug grows for many a time if mixing it with a proper diet, which should be picked up individually. The combination with exercises also improves the results. However, one can deal without any physical exercises.

Notwithstanding, there are some drawbacks concerning this drug. There are some contraries on the use, which may make treatment with the Duromine harmful. In addition, it induces some side effects. That is why it is prescriptive. However, there is a safe alternative, which is called PhenQ.

PhenQ is a pretty new appetite suppressant and has already gained a high reputation. In comparison to Duromine, it has no side effects. Its composition is natural and does not harm health. Moreover, it has no contraindications as well. These facts are encouraging. Of course, the customers would like to know whether it is as effective as Duromine. iNova assures its clients that it shows even more dependable results. One can put even more pounds that if taking Duromine.

iNova meets the needs of many clients all over the world thanks to PhenQ. It is safe, effective and quick. Such innovative products make this grouping so popular and successful. Therefore, its authorities are sure that they will get similar beneficial agreements.