What is the Difference between Phentermine and Duromine?

The intention of this article is to explain the difference between Duromine and Phentermine because this is a very important point. Many customers ask this very question and so we have decided to compare Phentermine and Duromine.

The Distinctions between Duromine and Phentermine

Duromine Phentermine prescription tablets photoDuromine is a well-recognised weight-loss tool which effectively curbs appetite and helps to melt excess weight. Its results are reliable and effective.

Phentermine is actually the main active ingredient in Duromine. Consequently, their properties are very similar.

Phentermine bottlePhentermine is marketed under several different brands in different countries. In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa it is called Duromine. In the USA it is known under the brands Phentermine and Adipex-P. In Israel, it is called Razin, and so on.

Each brand has a similar formulation and mode of action. The differences may be in the dosing regimen and therefore the possible adverse reactions. As you can see, there is no choice to be made between Duromine vs Phentermine.

All Phentermine products are strictly controlled by government and health care organisations. In Australia, the Phentermine product, Duromine, is produced by INova Pharmaceuticals.

Phentermine products produce similar results and cannot legally be sold online because they induce harmful adverse reactions. There are frequent cases of overdose as these tools are addictive. All dosage should be prescribed by a physician.

All Phentermine-products should be used only under medical supervision and dosage consulted with your doctor because phentermine can cause dangerous side effects. It is these side effects which prevent phentermine products being sold online.

Looking for Duromine (Phentermine) in Australia or New Zealand?

There is no need to compare Phentermine and Duromine because there is an excellent safe alternative to these products. This alternative is PhenQ.

PhenQ is an FDA approved weight-loss product available online without prescription. PhenQ is a safe, effective and reliable product which uses natural ingredients to suppress appetite and shed excess kilograms.

Unique Ingredients of PhenQ

Duromine/Phentermine alternative label of PhenQ

  • CAPSIMAX POWDER – decreases existing fat stores and inhibits fat deposition.
  • CAFFEINE – boosts energy and inhibits hunger.
  • NOPAL – melts excess weight and curbs the desire to eat.
  • L-CARNITINE FURMARATE – produces energy from fats.
  • CALCIUM CARBONATE – maintains bones and inhibits fat deposition.
  • CHROMIUM PICOLINATE – melts fats quickly, balances sugar in the blood and produces energy.
  • α-LACYS RESET – enhances metabolism.

PhenQ Properties

Instead of worrying about the difference between phentermine and Duromine, you can use PhenQ, as this product possesses incredible properties.

  • Safe and dependable composition that quickly melts excess weight
  • Appetite suppression
  • Inhibition of fat deposition
  • High-quality product developed in the UK and approved by the FDA
  • Unique ingredient, α-LACYS RESET, increases metabolism to burn fat quickly.

Dependable Results

PhenQ produces proven and reliable results

PhenQ’s thermogenic effect and improved metabolism assists with the loss of large amounts of weight in a small time frame. The active ingredients in this medication are natural and cause no adverse reactions. PhenQ acts to shed excess weight while inhibiting new fat deposition In addition, it suppresses appetite while providing energy and lifting mood.